Kerry and Danielle are a mother-daughter team providing natural health and wellness benefits.

Kerry has been a registered nurse for 40 yrs, working in intensive and cardiac care as well as general medicine and home health. She was inspired to become a nurse when she saw the positive effects that compassion, kindness and knowledge had on patients. When traditional medicine was unable to improve her health conditions doctors told her that they could not heal her, but may be able to help her symptoms with prescriptions. She had an inherent knowing that our bodies were created to heal themselves; she then began a path to seek integrative/alternative choices to reverse these diagnoses. After years of trials, she has discovered several modalities that are restoring her vitality, clarity and overall well being. As she began to feel better, and her hope restored, she was inspired to share this awareness with others.

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Danielle searched many years for answers to her mental and physical diagnoses. After many years of depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue; she chose a path of ease and joy with her first Access Bars class. Soon after, Danielle added in the knowledge of utilizing essential oils, whole-food nutrition, and CBD oil. Now, Danielle speaks to people about options they have to change things in their life using the tools she has learned. “Its fun talking to people and helping them ask themselves what might be a new option for them to heal and change. I believe we can heal our body and mind. Energy is my new language."