Products Overview

Each of our products have been chosen with purpose. We have personal experience and knowledge with each of these products. The ingredients are of the highest quality and each company supports safe, reliable farming.



The JuicePlus+ capsules provide whole food nutrition, antioxidants, and probiotics through raw, non-GMO fruits and vegetables.


Tower garden

The Tower Garden is a revolutionary solution that enables you to grow over 150 different types of fruits and vegetables inside (or outside) all year long! Using Aeroponics, this device does not require soil and only uses 10% of the water typically needed to grow plants. The result - all natural, great tasting, fresh vegetables and fruit year-round!


Hemp Oil

PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil is a full spectrum phytocannabinoidial. It is grown with European Organic standards, non-psychoactive, and legal in ALL 50 states.



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Young Living Essential Oils provide multiple options for you to support your body and mind while creating a toxin free environment. We offer many options to purchase Young Living products, while we frequently create events and classes to discuss with peoplethe many everyday uses of these products and how to transition these amazing products into your life.