Got anxiety?

Many people are looking for another option to get through, get past, cope, or even heal from their anxiety. This study from November 2017 shows that science is catching up with what this modality has been assisting people with for years. Personally, I can say that I have experienced a HUGE change, and decreased anxiety since I first received an Access Bars® session. Now, we provide these amazing sessions and teach them!   

Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Beginning to 2018!

A Few Tips and Tricks to Stay Healthy and Feeling Well

We have heard that many people have not been feeling well. Here are some tips and tricks we use!

  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY-This may seem odd to you, but we can tell you from experience the more you listen and talk to your body, the more it will talk to you. If it asks you for more rest or sleep, please listen. If you are craving warm fluids like teas or soup, please consume them . We believe our bodies actually were made with the innate ability to know what we truly need at any given moment. If you feel drawn to a particular herb, essential oil, or even food, it might be worth considering.


  • WASH YOUR HANDS-Yes, this may seem silly to many people, but it's not. Washing our hands with soap (we make our own foaming hand soap) and water is crucial right now, and not just after using the restroom, but before you eat, and even after you've been out and about.


We highly recommend a local herb shop in La Porte, Indiana called  Clyde's Herb Shop that sells this product!

  •  ESSENTIAL OILS-There is research after research of the amazing therapeutic benefits of these oils even if they are just used aromatically (by breathing in). We currently only use Young Living. We recommend using ONLY brands that you know and trust and can prove their quality. RARELY will these be found at "big box stores". Essential oils are therapeutic and just like anything that is considered therapeutic we recommend educating yourself before any use. We frequently teach classes educating people are these oils and their proper uses!  


  • VITAMIN C, ANTIOXIDANTS, AND NATURES ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES- All of these things help your body stay healthy, feel better quicker, and also may ease discomforts. The key to all of these is bio-availability, meaning the body can recognize and absorb the nutrients you are ingesting. If you're curious about more information on this topic, call and set up an appointment with us 219.229.2537!

Speaking of antioxidants and natures anti-inflammatories, here is a link to a delicious Turmeric Tea.

Another simple and delicious tea is homemade ginger tea.  It can be very warming and is a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. We just use fresh peeled ginger root (found at many grocery stores), brown sugar or honey (if desired), and water. Never boil the water just let it steep. A little goes a long way and larger pots can be made so that left-overs can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

***These statements are not meant to diagnose or treat illness. Please consult your physician or practitioner before you begin any new regimen.***